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Automate safety.
We combine display technology and content with Density’s™ groundbreaking infrared sensor for occupancy tracking.

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Campus Density Signage By Creating Margin

Never have issues worrying about students filling rooms past their capacity again. 


Our engaging content and digital signage hardware paired with the powerful Safe by Densitysystem will save time, energy, and unnecessary costs.

Why Safe by Density™?

With the media circus over school reopening, and little time to appease staff and students…

Almost any decision you make will cause backlash.

When families pull students out of enrollment, it means less tuition revenue…

When groups protest and vandalize your campus, emergency funds go out the window…


But our solution eliminates argument.


Students keep their privacy rights…

And only enter rooms that stay under the limit. 

Staff members get to stay in their lanes, without taking on extra security duties they don’t have time to handle…

Teachers keep teaching, safely serving at the highest level.


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Educational Applications

Dashboard icon

EDU Dashboard

Share information you want to be displayed such as events, video presentations, history, or statistics.

Facility Wayfinding

Facility Wayfinding

Provide advanced dimensional maps of your facility for visitor and student directions and guidance.

Visitor management icon

Visitor Management

Keep digital records of students/employees that check-in and out for classes or meetings.

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Video Presentation

Display beautiful video content on custom-designed video walls, photo albums, or campus TVs with captivating graphics and information.

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