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So How Does It Work?


There’s an art and a science to effectively using digital displays and signage – proper hardware placement, correct aspect ratios and content that leaves a lasting impression on its viewers.


According to, “it was found that of those who saw a digital billboard, 55 percent could recall the specific message displayed every time they passed one.”


At Creating Margin, we most commonly use BrightAuthor to orchestrate information-rich content for your  workers anywhere in your facility at any time.


Here’s An Inside Look At The Backend:

BrightAuthor's Manufacturing Signage Backend, commonly used by Creating Margin

One of our loyal manufacturing signage clients wanted their sections (also known as ‘zones’) to display the time, date, weather, and RSS feeds, along with two larger zones that play larger videos and animations.


They placed screens near entrances and cafeterias with this particular content setup, and always keep their employees in the loop.

How would your ideal digital signs look, and where would you set up its zones and content to best serve your employees? We would be thrilled to discuss these ideas on your free call!

But What If We Don't Use BrightSign Or BrightAuthor?

The good news is that our manufacturing digital signage experts operate on a platform agnostic basis, meaning that we can generate content, unique zones, and more for any endpoint that is already working for your business. Feel free to ask how we can also support Samsung, X2O, or other platforms.

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