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KentState Flashperks

Creating Margin helped implement Visix digital signage at Kent State University, building out these creative designs for use in both interactive and non-interactive signage at the new Kent Student Center.


Creating Margin has partnered with Humana via our enterprise partner AVI-SPL since 2016 to provide digital signage content creation, programming and Managed Services. This is a social media integration project that we recently completely to boost internal employee communications and engagement.

Weiler Corp

Creating Margin delivered several trainings to Weiler Corp to help them implement dynamic digital signage for their facilities. This is an example of one of the static templates that we help make more dynamic.


Wilco Coop in Oregon uses Creating Margin’s area display board to list upcoming events from Office 365 in chronological order. This presentation includes weather data and videos that loop incrementally. At other Wilco locations, a Visitor Check-In system and meeting room signage are used.

Dr. Reddy's Welcome Display

A welcome display for Dr. Reddy's using dynamic data integration for new events and live weather updates

CSUN Home Display

An interactive welcome lobby screen using hyperlinked images, weather widgets, and events calendar to interact with users

Continental Home Lobby Presentation

Display with dynamic twitter content and real-time weather updates mixed with a large video to welcome visitors at Continental

Boise State University Events & Floor Plan Screen

A 3D floor plan design integrating a live events list on the right and other floors to click and navigate to. Boxes on the bottom are also given for access to donors, school highlights, and staff directory.

Evansville & Vanderburgh Wayfinding Screen

A wayfinding screen on an interactive device with two 3D floor plans featuring color-coded rooms and a navigation bar on the bottom, allowing visitors to access other various pages such as the news & events page, locations, find people application, and a feature that gives visitors a location on where they currently are

Gustavel Video Wall

A screenshot of a video wall used by Gustavel Orthopedics with a header image and informational text on Dr. Gustavel

Evansville & Vanderburgh Wayfinding Lobby

A 3D map with a list on the right of available building rooms/locations. A four box navigation bar is also on the bottom with buttons leading to other pages such as the news & events page, locations, current visitor location, and staff directory wayfinding


Dynamic Data TV

A digital signage TV with live data on patients and a wayfinding map of the hospital with a QR code on the right

White Healthcare Signage

A digital signage TV with visitor appointment information in a white lobby room

Open MRI Digital Signage

A TV on a wall with information on Hospital news and weather

Employee Communications Menu

A TV on a wall used for displaying Starbucks menu items and schedule

KentState Plain Screen

Bakery Menu Signage

Two menu board TV's in a bakery showing all the available menu items and their prices above a table of food

Staff Directory

A digital staff directory at the Southern University Law Center that has been automated and displayed on digital signage

Menu Feature and food items

Image displaying food items with Menu Board

Digital Menu Display

A digital sign in landscape mode showing digital menu display items located at the Horizon Cafe

Menu Banner

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