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Labor Poster Display

Flawlessly share important HR & company-related news to all of
your employees as quickly as possible using Creating Margin's labor
poster displays!

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A Better Way To Communicate

Eliminate the need for countless papers on your facility wall by utilizing the digital signage you already have.

Quickly and easily share important HR information for all your employees to stay up to date on using advanced digital labor posters capable of showcasing employee hours, new rules/regulations, upcoming events, and more!

Customize the content you display to your employees specifically to your needs using a variety of engaging content options such as videos, photo galleries, interactive applications, and more.

Labor Poster Solutions

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Effortless Updates

Easily update the HR content you share throughout your facility and with your employees in less than a couple of clicks using BrightSign's intuitive content presentation software.

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Tailored Content

Share the word of important information and use a variety of media options and designs such as video walls, photo galleries, scrolling text quotes, and more!

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Seamless Communication

Eliminate the need for sticking paper documents all over your walls and effortlessly share important information to every attention-grabbing display in your facility.

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Interactive Applications

Engage with your employees by implementing interactive display capabilities which can include dropdown menu options, dynamic events lists, or fillable HR contact forms.

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Choose The Package Right For You


Mailed SD Card

(No Internet)


(1 Year Warranty)



Digital Poster






(Cloud Based)


(1 Year Warranty)



Digital Poster

(On Premise)

HD for $350

(BSN Subscription & Yearly Updates)




(Cloud Based)


(5 Year Warranty)




(Social Media, Weather, BSN)

XT for $650

(BSN Subscription & Yearly Updates)




(Cloud Based)


(5 Year Warranty)




(Time schedules, Clock In/Out, UI Update, Flip Through Posters, Training Vids)

XT for $650

(BSN Subscription & Yearly Updates)


Are you prepared to simplify your HR boards?

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Key Labor Poster Display Benefits

Maintain a strong HR image throughout your company using these key Labor Poster Display features:

  • Seamless Communication
  • Easy & Simple Updates
  • Facility-Wide Integration
  • Engaging Content Applications
  • Quick HR Announcements
  • Reduces Environmental Footprint