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VergeSense Entryway Sensor

Designed to be a solution for the issues of COVID-19, yet innovative
enough to be the world's facility optimization solution of tomorrow,
the VergeSense sensor is a revolutionary workplace safety product
bundled with cutting-edge AI and technology to ensure your facility
is not only safe but efficient.

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Create A Hybrid Workforce

Remotely access detailed and anonymous information on who is entering and leaving your facility; showcased using live statistics and digital signage solutions to ensure your business is adhering to COVID-19 safety procedures.

As your facility is utilized over time, the VergeSense sensor will collect advanced data on helpful facility management operations to ensure every room is at maximum efficiency. Information such as what rooms are not used, busiest times of the day, and occupational room percentages are shown using clear & concise illustrations such as graphs, pie charts, and more.

VergeSense Sensor Features

occupancy limits icon png

Occupancy Limits

Stay up to date on the occupational limits of every room though advanced illustrated graphics and receive live alert notifications when a recommended room is past the limit

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Room Utilization

Save on overhead costs by utilizing advanced statistics to show which rooms are needed the most for cleaning, the square footage that could and could not be used, and AI recommended alternatives for vacant spaces

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Remote Notifications

Program your solution to notify you of the latest information on unsafe occupancy limits and room vacancy on a variety of devices such as native mobile applications, web, SMS messages, and on-site digital signage

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Anonymous Data

This VergeSense sensor uses depth data, machine learning, and computer vision to anonymously count people and ensure that the personal identity of every visitor is safe and secure; no facial detection, no camera system, no data leaks

Smart Office Applications

Save money on room utilization and maximize facility efficiency using these key features:

  • Live Data Safe Alerts
  • Anonymous & Secure Data
  • A.I Traffic Monitoring
  • Versatile sensory capabilities
  • Updated Facility Use Data
  • Stainless Steel Encasing
  • Mobile Data Integration
  • A.I  Money Saving Suggestions

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