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Two Hour Tailored Trainings

We can deliver a large group training, or tailor a one-on-one session. We follow proven training workflows while tailoring the session to your needs and particular questions. Whether online or in person, we’ll help you feel more comfortable with the tools you have in place.



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Our Four Factors for Training Success

Years Of Experience Icon

Years of Experience

We've implemented countless digital signage systems, and we know how important training is to that journey.

Onscreen or Onsite Icon

Onscreen or Onsite

We find that customers can really benefit from a remote screen share training, but we also provide onsite trainings.

Content Creation Icon

Content Creation as Training

Some customers are looking for content to be created during the training. If that's your interest, you've come to the right place.

Tailored Approach Icon

Tailored Approach

This isn't like watching a never ending video that wasn't made for you. A seasoned expert will deliver your training, and tailor it to your needs.

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Goals for BrightAuthor:Connected Trainings

We approach a basic training with the vision of preparing you and your group to take ownership and feeling comfortable with your digital signage investment. Here are a few items that most trainees will achieve during a basic training.

  • Discuss Video Wall Syncing
  • Discover Interactivity Options
  • Create a customized Multizone Presentation
  • Set Foundation for Advanced Topics
  • Create a customized background image
  • Add elements like Date/Time & HTML
  • Master the familiar day-in day-out tasks
  • Work in BrightAuthor & BrightSign Network

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Instead of Software, Choose Content

In this "golden age" of software development, everyone seems to be recreating the wheel to develop their own software solution. We pride ourselves on focusing on the content layer - the source files that actually are displayed on the screen - while being technical enough to understand the software from many different providers.

So whether it's the software layer that has you befuddled, or content development that you need, send us a note. We'll be your partner through this journey.