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Start your Digital Signage journey with a Digital Signage Audit.
This service provides valuable information from experienced
industry experts which will ensure a successful digital signage
environment at your organization

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What Are Digital Signage Audits?

A structured, in-person review of your current signage

When people view the same scenery day-in-day-out, they naturally start taking things for granted. Why not have another angle to consider!

With over 20 years of experience in the digital signage industry, our experts have the know-how to find room for improvement and implement the latest innovations for any customer using digital signage and related technologies. An honest review of your implementation can be the difference between sustained success and unrealized potential.

During the audit, members of our team will travel to your location and – based on a multi-point criterion- evaluate how well your Digital Signage is aligning with your aesthetic and financial goals. Once completed, our Managed Services can keep your digital signage current even after the audit.

Are You A Reseller?

Which Model? | What’s Your Intented Usage? | Is Training Enough?

Our Four Key Factors for Signage Audits


Make Sure All Hardware And Features Are Tidy And Running Properly.

Yes, there may be some great automation and other systems set up to handle your signage, but equipment may wear down in a way that can cost you down the road. Much more than it would take if you knew what needed fixing and/or replacement ahead of time.


Assess Whether The Content Is Effective

The type of digital screens and content will vary from business to business. That is why Creating Margin evaluates each one along with your goals to decide if it needs a touchup.


Determine If New Hardware Is Required.

After we assess the state of your current hardware, we may recommend replacements or additional signage. Perhaps an interactive kiosk can help connect your customers and drive them to action.


Assess If the Software CMS Is Fit… Financially and Functionally.

Whether the Form or Function of:

BrightSignPing HD
Four Winds InteractiveSamsung MagicInfo
Visix22 Miles
Creating Margin will assess your needs to maximize your ROI!
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Hardware Installation

We go further than just telling you what you need and provide technical hardware installation services to make your job easier.

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Tailored Approach

This isn't like watching a never ending video that wasn't made for you. A seasoned expert will deliver your training, and tailor it to your needs.

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