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Help the lost find their way around your location with advanced
3D wayfinding signage implementing a custom mapping and
navigation software/hardware solution.

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Map Your Way To Success

Establish a leading-edge wayfinding system at your location with the latest interactive mapping software configured for ease and efficiency.

Digital Wayfinding has been one of the most popular developments in the Digital Signage industry; and for good reason! Allowing clients and visitors to navigate through your facility with ease and simplicity, wayfinding has continued to grow rapidly due to its ability to create an end-user experience that is sure to leave a professional impression.

Take advantage of the powerful wayfinding software and develop a mapping system with flexible interactivity features and animated path directions.

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Wayfinding Applications

Corporate headquarters icon

Corporate Headquarters

We provide specialized solutions for businesses of all sizes, nationwide. Our automated kiosks save time and money while making a cutting-edge impression on your clients and staff!

School campus icon

School Campus

Help students find destinations to their classes and events with wayfinding. Students, event attendees, and parents will never have an issue getting around your campus ever again.

Office environment icon

Office Environment

Assist your guests and clients with map and directions. Deliver any information they input into a centralized database in real-time and make navigation easier for you and your clients.

Shopping center icon

Shopping Center

Eliminate overcrowded areas, lost customers and confusing navigation signs by implementing floor level status, detailed room information and animated pathway directions.

Wayfinding Applications Image
Wayfinding Software Features Image

Wayfinding Software Features

Easy-to-use software with advanced feature capabilities and functionality.

  • 3D Map views of each floor, complete with room labels
  • Special Events and Maps shown simultaneously
  • Animated pathway that provides directions
  • Step-by-step lists to reach destination
  • Simple process to make global updates and adjustments
  • Customizable theme, colors, and design functionality

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Types of Wayfinding

Animated Pathfinding

TV with a colored wayfinding map and upcoming meetings

Interactive Wayfinding can be as simple as a tap. If the user tapped the event on the right side, an animated path would appear on the left.

Turn-Based Directions

a digital TV showing a colored wayfinding map with an animated guidance line and list of other upcoming meetings

Even with an animated path, it’s helpful when wayfinding includes instructions on how to get to the next point. Consider adding steps to your wayfinding.

Interactive Map W/ 3D Pop-Ups

a TV with a Google map widget and text box saying on "Breakfast Eateries" on the right

Ever seen this in the lobby of a hotel? They might have popular things to do on a page, and have it open up on Google Maps on a larger screen.

Static Wayfinding

Static Wayfinding is helpful if you’re looking to start with the basics. It doesn’t always need to be interactive to help people navigate!

Legend Icon Integration

Wayfinding with icons and a detailed key are extremely helpful for larger facilities. Especially in airports, hospitals, universities and much more.

Dynamic Event Map

Showing an events list, that shows the location of the event on the map, is also a valuable form of wayfinding. This could be great for large corporate offices.

GPS Enabled Mapping

close-up image of someone holding a phone while using the google maps app

Yes, another form of wayfinding is something we use everyday; GPS systems! Google Maps, Waze, and iMaps are all examples of these.

Mobile Bluetooth Direction

woman holding a phone while using a digital signage wayfinding app

Users can connect to the beacon using their smartphones. This allows them to navigate from wherever they are.

Meeting Room Searching

An iphone 5 asking a user if they would like to book an appointment for room 134B

Finally, dynamic wayfinding can even include apps that help the user book a room for a meeting, all while using Bluetooth.

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Companies Who Utilize Our Wayfinding Technology

With a plethora of companies all over the world utilizing the latest wayfinding signage solutions, successful businesses are attracting new customers and engaging with them in meaningful ways through digital wayfinding solutions managed by professional content teams, like us!

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