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Keep your schedule clear and management as efficient
as possible with our managed services, allowing you to
focus on the tasks at hand.

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What are Managed Services?

Train your employees. Offload your content creation. Design your signage solutions with pristine detail. All through our professional managed services team.

Digital Signage implementations are often beset by the same obstacles: staff turnover and the never-ending content update cycle.

Think of Managed Services as a bucket of hours each month that can be used in a variety of ways, with the overall goal to provide support over time as your digital signage implementation matures and begins to require more attention to keep it fresh.

Managed Services Packages

We offer a range of packages for any budget and can provide expert input even for businesses that are just getting started. Where a standard plan may not be a fit, we can create a custom package tailored to your organization.



Updates per month


Hours per month


Avg minutes per update



5 +

Updates per month

2 +

Hours per month


Avg minutes per update





Updates per month


Hours per month


Avg minutes per update


Primary Services Covered Under
Managed Services

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Basic Content Creation

We're a content company. What content can we create for you?

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Ongoing Training

No more crash courses... organic training when you are ready for it.

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New Player Provisioning

Remote assistance setting up new players when you are ready to expand.

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Content Optimization

We take your existing content and optimize it for your digital signage application.

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Reasons to Use Managed Services

Here are some reasons why our customers recognize managed
services as a good fit for their business.

  • Overcome staff turnover
  • Expert help on every update
  • Organic learning over time
  • Add new skills to team makeup
  • Lower cost/hour for services
  • Extend lifetime of signage
  • Save time and delegate updates
  • Understand potential of tech

How Can I Get Started?

  • Fit My Budget
  • Augment My Team
  • Improve My Signage

Other customers who love our Managed Services

Here is a list of flagship customers who are using Creating Margin's unique and valued added Managed Services.

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