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Hotel & Hospitality Applications

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Digital Wayfinding

Help guests find their way around your property utilizing a 3D map system and advanced room/floor location features

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Events Integration

Integrate with your events system to show conference schedules and guide guest experience

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Upsell Amenities

Drive traffic to property amenities like the spa, restaurant or local attraction using engaging content and interactive applications

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Immersive Video Wall

Create an immersive experience using large format digital displays, sounds and even smells

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Key Hotel & Hospitality Features

Focus on what's important with helpful functions that include:

  • Easy Room Booking
  • Lobby Video Wall Integration
  • Consistent Updates
  • Tailored Content
  • Centralized Location
  • Custom Widgets & Themes
  • Network Connected Products
  • Effective Results

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Our Managed Services

An alternative to adding more work to your plate to maintain Digital Signage.

We help you from the start all the way till the end and will even provide support over time.

  • Three ranges of Services
  • Technical Support
  • Custom Widgets and Features
  • Tailored Content Presentations
  • Budgeted to your needs
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