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Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage provides your end users an
engaging way to receive information and complete tasks.
Digital signage software paired with proper interactive signage
will give your users the most immersive experience possible

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The New Way To Communicate

Create powerful interactive digital signage applications that can transform a space while creating a stunning experience for the end-user.

Interactive applications are able to present a broad amount of information to the end user via the "layering" of pages. That is, through some programming and the appropriate digital signage hardware, a home page with eye catching announcements can lead to a page with specific information for the user.

A visually stunning 3D map, an integrated list of upcoming events, or a carousel of videos are just a few examples of content that you can have on your Interactive Digital Signage.

Interactive Signage Applications

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Customer Purchasing

We provide specialized solutions for businesses of all sizes, nationwide. Our automated kiosks save time and money while making a cutting-edge impression on your clients and staff!

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Product Demo

Help students find destinations to their classes and events with wayfinding. Students, event attendees, and parents will never have an issue getting around your campus ever again.

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Social Wall

Assist your guests and clients with map and directions. Deliver any information they input into a centralized database in real-time and make navigation easier for you and your clients.

Wayfinding icon

Information Center

Advance the experience of your shopping center through compelling facility features including floor level status, information on rooms and animated pathway directions.

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Key Interactive Benefits

A new way for businesses to engage with the world.

  • Connect to real-time data
  • Various interactivity options
  • A range of form factors
  • Integration with other devices
  • Eye-catching designs
  • Analytics of user interactions
  • Smooth content deployment

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Voice Activated Signage

People interact with digital signage in a variety of ways, including voice commands.
Creating Margin engineers solutions with microphones, speakers, and custom "wake words" to create a full featured interactive experience using voice commands. "CURIO, help me find John Smith's office" could allow for a wayfinding map to draw a map to John's office. Or "CURIO, view beverages" could allow a company menu to be shown on screen.

  • Limit touch components
  • Ensure cleanliness
  • COVID compliant offices
  • Support voice searches
  • Make voice orders
  • Incorporate maps and wayfinding

Brochure Printer Kiosks

Have reams of paper brochures all over the office?
A brochure printer can modernize your lobby
and provide a more environmentally friendly solution.

  • Print to network printer
  • Modernize the office space
  • Cut down on printing costs
  • Collect contact information
  • Send information to mobile
  • Augment the sales experience

Interactive Staff Directory

Do you have an expansive office with multiple floors and departments?
Installing an Interactive Directory can help visitors navigate your facility. With our wayfinding specialties we can improve ease of use and provide a "wow" factor for users.

  • Send information to mobile
  • A great tool for front desk staff
  • SMS or Email Notifications
  • Automated Transit Data
  • Graphically stunning wayfinding
  • Display corporate announcements

Meeting Room Signs

Meeting Room Signs allow for spontaneous meetings to be booked within a conference room, and for the meetings to show up on the room calendar. Meeting Room Signs significantly increase the usage rate for rooms, allowing more meetings to happen within fewer rooms.

  • Instantly book meetings
  • Easily customize branding
  • Directly sync with Office 365
  • Configure error report emails
  • Dashboard of hardware statuses
  • PoE powered hardware available

Visitor Notification Kiosk

Interactive Visitor Notification Kiosks can allow visitors to an apartment, office building, or healthcare facility to send their host a message to tell them they've arrived. How about that Delivery person with no one ever available to sign for a package? Provide an easy to use tool for them to notify a group in the building that a package has arrived, ensuring that it safely gets to the intended person.

  • Allow for self-registration
  • Modernize the reception area
  • Host SMS and Email Notifications
  • Onsite Visitor Movement Tracking
  • Analytical Visitor Reports

Contactless Footpedal Solution

Drive engagement to your interactive content with a newly designed foot pedal crafted professionally by the Creating Margin product development team.
Maintain a safe, touch-free environment throughout your location while meeting ADA compliance standards and offer new ways for your visitors to interact with your digital signage products.
The foot pedal works along with a plethora of our digital signage hardware including all BrightSign players, commercial/consumer displays, interactive kiosks, and much more!

  • Allow non-contact interactions
  • Adaptable COVID-19 solutions
  • Supports multi-directional pedals
  • Multi-use applications
  • Steel components and
    ruggedized exterior

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Interactive Signage Portfolio

Stand out of the crowd like these companies and implement an interactive Digital Signage solution to interact with your visitors in new and exciting ways. Build a brand image through one interaction at a time.

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