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Meeting Room Management

The facility management solution designed to make
room booking and meeting room management simple
and easy process. Take advantage of smart office
technology and get all your employees on the same
page when booking meeting spaces.

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Two IAdea tablets displaying corporate meeting room information on a wall

Facility Management Made Simple

Instantly notify your users of updates in real-time with interactive screens from a central location, independent of hardware.

On your left, you can see an example of an interactive Meeting Room Sign that allows the user to schedule their start and end times.

With the Pronestor Display Suite, you can see when each conference room is being booked or if it is free.
Who is the host of every particular meeting? Updates in real-time and much more. We customize and tailor need content as per your requirement.

Meeting Room Solutions

Dashboard icon

Room Dashboard

Find out what meetings are currently in session, where they are at, materials needed for the meeting, and future available time slots

Metrics or Graph x2 icon

Management Statistics

Access past meetings and their additional information with statistical data, simplifying the process room management

Mobile integration icon

Mobile Access

Visitors and authorized users can find available meeting rooms on their smartphones, and easily book them near the entrance.

Real time information icon

Real-Time Information

All updates and changes are in real-time. This software also integrates with Office 365, Exchange and Google Apps.

Screenshot of the Pronestor software displaying upcoming meeting information
screenshot of the Pronestor statistics dashboard

Key Room Management Benefits

Manage your facility the right way with a room management solution that includes:

  • Double Booking Prevention
  • Detailed Meeting Information
  • Simple Mounting Hardware
  • Capacity & Equipment Info.
  • Office 365 Integration
  • LED Availability Feature
  • Mobile Booking Integration
  • Statistical Facility Insights

Ready To Manage Your Meeting Rooms?

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Meeting Room Portfolio

Check out some of the companies that currently use our meeting room management solution in their facility!

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