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Social Distancing & Workplace Safety Solutions


The CURIO Foot Pedal is designed to allow for interactivity on digital signage without touching public surfaces with hands. Popular in museums, hospitals and other venues where visitors range across ages and technical acuity, our foot pedals are rugged and reliable.


Get the numbers you need to track occupancy within spaces and ensure that spaces are not overcrowded. Set up alerts and track any sized space and building by "bounding" the space with sensors over every egress point.

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A great way to continue to leverage interactivity on digital signage without requiring touch is by using voice commands. This can be done either from a separate mobile device, or through mics that are placed in front of the display.

Effective Solutions for Real Issues

Visitor management software

Easy to use lobby kiosks and visitor management systems serve a myriad of purposes. Help build familiarity and trust with your clientele while saving time and money through easy and manageable hardware products.


Provide easy access and navigation options to all visitors and clients that enter your facility with custom-built 3D renderings capable of displaying every room, hallway, and feature inside your building.

BrightSign Training

Learn how to use and manage your chosen digital signage software yourself through our dedicated training team and choose between a group training for time efficiency or 1 on 1 for a personal learning experience.

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No more room hijacking, cancelled meetings, or event catastrophes. At Creating Margin, we excel in providing you with guidance on choosing the right hardware and software to ensure you can book meetings fast and efficiently.

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Assign our team of Creating Margin media experts to plan and execute a video wall in your facility designed to spread eye-catching information and news about your company to customers or employees.

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Place an interactive kiosk in your facility to allow customers to access valuable information regarding your company, check-in for scheduled appointments, utilize interactive building maps of your building, and more.


Help orient visitors and staff within your facility or campus


Share your product and service line with your customers


Display eye-catching videos with visitors or employees


Control visitor arrivals and appointmentss

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Custom Presentations & Content Creation


Assign a production team to produce high-quality videos


Exhibit your latest ads and announcements


Custom designed widgets for your specific needs

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Learn all the basics of signage presentation software


Receive advanced lessons with new content & lessons


Hire our instructors to train you at your location


We tailor our training to your needs and requirements

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Automatically control presentatations & content


Book rooms with the versatile & intuitive BrightSign tablet


Videos, slideshows, infographics, etc


Everything to know when purchasing signage hardware

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