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Video Walls

One of the most effective uses of Digital Signage
is to implement a Video Wall array to showcase
beautiful content that is sure to turn heads and
attract customer attention.

A digital signage TV with two boxes of text saying "Make an impact with your signage."

Stunning Media Across Multiple Screens

Video wall systems are designed with bright colors and large content formats in mind.

While standard Digital Signage serves many purposes, Video Walls excel in a specific area where no other screen format can compete: the undeniable "WOW" factor that will grab your attention.

With bright colors, flexible screen formats, and jaw-dropping aesthetics, video walls allow businesses to showcase their most important information with help from our team in finding the solution that fits for you.

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Video Wall Applications

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Interactive Lobby Display

Improve the overall experience of a lobby with interactive video walls capable of displaying entertainment-related games, QR code website integration, or anything the company desires

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Product & Service Advertising

Boost sales and marketing efforts with text content and high-quality graphics to present new product prices, features, and deals to customers

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Immersive Decor Exhibit

Showcase the true beauty of your lobby room with a decor exhibit utilizing the best colors, contrast, and details the industry offers, giving a new way for you to keep visitors happy and entertained.

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Content Presentations

Stand out from competitors with professionally designed content created specifically for large animations & high-quality graphics meant to turn heads

A business woman giving a presentation as she points her finger towards data on a video wall

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Mosaic video wall on a lobby wall with the Liberty Global logo on the screens

Key Video Wall Features

Make a memorable first impression with beneficial features such as:

  • Engaging Presentations
  • Interactive Widgets
  • Simple & Intuitive Software
  • Business Tailored Content
  • Automated Transitioning
  • Low Maintenance Hardware
  • Custom Screen Arrangements

Video Walls Clients

Check out the many types of organizations that we've helped implement Video Wall Digital Signage!

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