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Hot Desk Booking

Maximize workplace space efficiency and offer a
hybrid workplace hot desk booking service to all
employees who need a place to sit and work in a
professional environment.

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Easily book your workspaces today!

Manage COVID-19 compliant workspaces and maximize office space through real-time booking and insightful reporting.

Quickly book your desk and locate co-workers all from a QR code and your mobile device.

Pronestor Workspace provides a solution that is completely easy to use! Unleash a world of smart office technology capabilities and hybrid workforce solutions using our advanced support techniques.

Hot Desk Booking Solutions

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Desk Sharing

Through a simple web registration and the scanning of a QR code, quickly reserve your workspace for the day.

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Find Colleagues

Working on a project with a colleague or want to sit next to your favorite coworker? Easily find them through the “Find My Colleague” function

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Sharing Your Way

Whether it is “self-serve” or “by request”, allow hot desk reservations to be setup based upon user permissions.

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Real-Time Information

Hot desk reservations post in real-time to avoid confusion, double-bookings or employee disagreements.

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Ready To Manage Your Meeting Rooms?

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Key Hot Desk Booking Benefits

Manage your facility the right way with a room management solution that includes:

  • Maximize space
  • Reduce real estate costs
  • Hot Desk Usage Statistics
  • Increase employee efficiency
  • Manage new Hot Desk locations
  • Reduce impact on IT infrastructure