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BSU Alumni Floorplan

A 3D rendered floor plan for Boise State University with blue walls, gray flooring, and text to show the specific rooms on the floor

LSU Health Sciences Map

Creating Margin helped design maps for LSU Health Sciences center for use in digital signage across the building.

SantaFe Offsite Offices

Santa Fe County government through AV Integrator IT Connect Inc engaged Creating Margin to provide content design and programming services for their digital signage. We proudly built out unique presentations in the BrightSign platform for three different buildings and six different end points. We varied the perspective of the maps so that users could easily understand where they were in the building, and we used Google Maps to provide wide area wayfinding.

SantaFe First Floor

SantaFe Second Floor

Idaho State University

Idaho State University sought an improved wayfinding experience for students and guests to their College of Technology. CM design portrait and landscape templates that combined social media, map design, and student announcements to super charge visual communications goals and provide wayfinding services.

Idaho State University


The Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton sought to improve visual communications with its civilian staff and military personnel. Marine of the Quarter (MOQ), Civilian of the Quarter (COQ) and others are recognized using digital signage, along with a map of the campus for wayfinding purposes. In addition to non interactive signage, Creating Margin also helped develop interactive kiosks for the Commanding Officer’s (CO) building and the Command Staff building. An interactive carousel of COs and a Command Staff hierarchy help engage users and keep personnel up to date.

Philips International Airport Map

A 2D map design used by the Philips International Airport featuring colorful graphics, easy-to-read-text, and an organized legend

Boise State University Events & Floor Plan Screen

A 3D floor plan design integrating a live events list on the right and other floors to click and navigate to. Boxes on the bottom are also given for access to donors, school highlights, and staff directory.

Saint Louis University Floor Plan

3D rendered floor plan of the first floor at Saint Louis University. The floor plan takes advantage of a simple design using mono colors and an interactive camera rotation software

Alamo College Ground Floor

Groundfloor wayfinding map with interactive 3D rotation and room label integration

Evansville & Vanderburgh Wayfinding Screen

A wayfinding screen on an interactive device with two 3D floor plans featuring color-coded rooms and a navigation bar on the bottom, allowing visitors to access other various pages such as the news & events page, locations, find people application, and a feature that gives visitors a location on where they currently are

Wright State University Floor Plan

A green 3D floor plan of the 1st floor at Wright State University utilizing detailed room information and an interactive camera rotation software for optimal viewing angles

Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport Wayfinding Screen

A 3D-rendered map of the Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport utilizing yellow labeled boxes for terminal locations and an in-depth alphabetical legend full of all the bars, restaurants, shops, and locations of the airport travelers may need

Harvest Baptist Church Wayfinding Floor Plan

A 3D floor plan of the three floors at Harvest Baptist Church with colored arrows for easy directions and local announcements for visitors to stay up to date on the latest news and events

Evansville & Vanderburgh Wayfinding Lobby

A 3D map with a list on the right of available building rooms/locations. A four box navigation bar is also on the bottom with buttons leading to other pages such as the news & events page, locations, current visitor location, and staff directory wayfinding

Eastern Kentucky All Floor Wayfinding Map

A 3D map of multiple floors of a building with numbers on each room to show specific locations and facility features showcased with a purple icon

HRP Redwood Wayfinding Map

A 3D map with yellow and grey rooms and a black box with legend information on restrooms, elevator, stairs, and general rooms




Meeting Room Wayfinding

A digital signage TV display with an interactive facility wayfinding map and list of upcoming meeting time and locations

Google Map Display

A digital signage TV using Google Maps software and intuitive text box design to show information on a greenery image background

Directional Wayfinding App

A TV using an animated wayfinding map of a facility with a list on the right of upcoming meetings and their time/location

Digital Wayfinding App

A woman holding a phone and using a digital signage WayFinding app to get information on distance, stairs, nearby bathrooms, and more.


Wayfinding Image that display Today's Events along with block structure of areas.

How Can Wayfinding Help You

How Can Wayfinding Help You image display various work area and icons that helps in easy navigation for everyone.

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