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CM supported videoconferencegear.com in supporting their customer Heartland Companies in Kansas City Missouri. Heartland has a brand new office where executives and guests regularly visit and they wanted to create an eye catching dashboard that could help connect the headquarters to all of the field offices and brands.

Gustavel Video Wall

A vertical layout signage board using bright colors

McCann Systems

CM supported McCann Systems in updating a lobby directory playing on various screens at Temple Medical Center in New Haven Connecticut. This solution runs on a BrightSign player and uses AppSpace for the Content Management System (CMS). We were able to take an existing design and make directory updates using a bucket of hours for the creative and end user training services.

UC Health Lobby Appointments Schedule

A lobby room signage display to show the name of doctors, room location, and time of the appointment accompanied with an image of company donors on the right

White Healthcare Signage

A digital signage TV with visitor appointment information in a white lobby room

Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport Wayfinding Screen

A 3D-rendered map of the Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport utilizing yellow labeled boxes for terminal locations and an in-depth alphabetical legend full of all the bars, restaurants, shops, and locations of the airport travelers may need

Healthcare Digital Signage

A TV in a lobby room displaying digital signage

Czech Republic Video Wall

A horizontal video wall on a wooden wall used for showing wide-shot images of the Czech Republic

Dynamic Data TV

A digital signage TV with live data on patients and a wayfinding map of the hospital with a QR code on the right

Open MRI Digital Signage

A TV on a wall with information on Hospital news and weather

Digital Signage TV

A welcome screen on a digital signage TV displayed on a wall in a lobby room

Space Age Federal Credit Union Interactive TV

A window with "Space Age Federal Credit Union" and a welcome signage screen in the background

Staff Directory

A digital staff directory at the Southern University Law Center that has been automated and displayed on digital signage

Mason Technologies Biostatistics

We provided training services for Mason Technologies and its customer Concordia University Medical Center. This content was used in BrightSign across various portrait-oriented screens in the building.

Cal State Northridge

Cal State Northridge uses BrightSign on its campus and this was the template we helped design for their David Nazarian College of Business and Economics.

Pioneer Federal Credit Union

Partnering with Boise-based AV Integrator Neurilink, Creating Margin provided repeat end-user training on the BrightSign platform for Pioneer Federal Credit Union (PFCU). Here are a few examples of the content they use on horizontal digital signage. While full-screen content is shown here, PFCU is starting to use multizone presentations to draw eyes and optimize impressions with their digital signage.

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