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4 Digital Signage Tips For Happier Users

As you embark on your quest for better digital signage and happier end-users, here are a few signage tips we’ve put together to arm you with success.

1. Make it Useful

If you really know your customers, then you’ll know exactly what they need. People often make the mistake of using filler information in place of useful content. Beautiful weather displays and scrolling news feeds are not always useful to the user. Instead, present the user with quality information that will help them from the moment they see it.

2. Make it Comfortable

When people walk up to an interactive display (like a kiosk), it’s important to make sure it caters to every kind of person. Whether it’s a person in a wheelchair, a kid, or an elderly person, each one is just as important. Ensure that each person can comfortably interact with your content, and find what they’re looking for.

Click to See the ADA Guidelines Here: http://www.ada.gov

3. Make it Memorable

Have you ever been to an outdoor mall with a map shown on digital signage? Not only was that useful for lost shoppers, but it was easy to find. There’s nothing worse than hidden signage, or digital signage that’s hard to get to. So if you’ve got the, “when, where, why’s,” all sorted out, then your digital signage should be easy to find and see. Once people know where to find that information, they’ll come back to it again and again.

4. Make it Clear

Any company could own the biggest, and most expensive digital signage screens, and still not make an impact on viewers. But why? Big screens can leave an impression, but if the message isn’t clear and concise, it won’t have a large reach. Be sure the content is easy to read and that interaction steps are clear. Planning strong content with a great message is the first step in making digital signage effective.

Each digital signage solution is unique. These four tips will boost the value of your signage in any situation and make sure that your user is well taken care of!