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Can your business benefit from Digital Signage Audits … even if another company has installed it?

Dave Haynes at Sixteen: Nine shows how platform-agnostic digital signage providers can conduct audits for businesses that seek to optimize their performance, compliance, engagement, and ROI.
Source: https://www.sixteen-nine.net/

Let Us Evaluate Your Signage in the Workplace

Digital Signage Audit by Creating Margin

Let’s say your firm invested in 1 video wall and 3 wayfinding kiosks in the atrium a year ago. They work well…right? But part of you wonders if they should change next year…new content, new placement, or anything that could better serve your clients and coworkers.
So you call the digital signage provider, and it turns out they are understaffed, or they cannot/will not send anybody to take a look. Or maybe you understand A/V and set it up yourself, but realize that it would help to have some experts give you the lowdown.

Now, what changes should you consider? A platform-agnostic provider may ensure network performance using routine compliance checks, site surveys or post-installation hardware tests, key network component configuration – and any repair or troubleshooting you may need. Not to mention any critique of the content and written copy on display so your company can increase ROI and workplace safety/efficiency…each company has different needs and different methods of using their digital signage.

For example, we at Creating Margin are longtime partners with BrightSign offering training, products, and services in addition to whatever audits you may need. While you may or may not use them already, it could benefit you to make the switch to some of their players if your current products do not properly suit your needs.

It also helps that we create any type of content that you can imagine on a digital sign. With a full team of content creators we offer Video Production, graphic design, map design, UI/UX storyboarding and design, and over 15 years of experience in the digital signage industry we have the ability to take your digital signage content to the next level.

Interested? Creating Margin offers its own platform-agnostic digital signage audits lead by our expert team.
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