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Digital Signage Hardware Checklist

When deciding upon the right AV equipment for your
digital signage environment, being able to have a
digital signage hardware checklist will guide you in
making the proper purchase decisions

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Can't Have Signage Without Hardware

When purchasing hardware, there's a lot of factors to consider when choosing hardware that will fit your needs.

What will it cost? | Do I need it? | Is this a reliable product?

Expand your hardware options by communicating with industry experts on digital signage tips and recommendations.

Take advantage of insightful information regarding
1. How to choose a price range.
2. What available features should be implemented.
3. Which brands we recommend based on durability and performance.

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Top Four Checklist Items

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Because of your budget, some products may suit you better than others. Here at Creating Margin, we ensure that we work with you to figure out what will work without breaking the bank.

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Hardware is almost useless without customizability. When looking for the right product, consider which features you need and which you can go without.

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When buying hardware, always ask yourself "does the product work for me and my needs?" Feel free to ask our sales team any questions you may have as you search around.

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Don't get trapped with a product that doesn't receive updates or hardware support. Ensuring your product will last for the long haul is just as vital as buying it.

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Hardware Real World Applications Image

Real-World Applications

We understand there are a lot of hardware options to choose from. Here we have included a list of some of the popular Digital Signage hardware ranging from TVs to kiosks.

  • Video Wall
  • Kiosk Display
  • Window Presentation
  • Retail Store Signage
  • HR Board
  • Menu Board
  • Image/Video Gallery
  • Weather & Event Information
  • Visitor Lobby
  • Company Status/Information

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Our Top Hardware Companies

To implement a successful digital signage solution, the right hardware is a must-have for all business owners. Luckily, we have worked with a lot of great companies and their hardware to give you a wide set of options to choose from.

Check out our list of the top hardware companies and their technology that we can implement into your facility now!